Giovanni Mori

Graduated in Environmental Engineering and holds a Master’s degree in Energy Engineering from Trento and Bolzano.
In his thesis, he identified strategies to make the EPFL campus in Lausanne emissions-free of CO2.

In Italy, he helped found the Fridays For Future Brescia movement. As an environmental consultant for companies, he also collaborates with Save the Planet ONLUS and Lombardini22 architecture firm.

Passionate about video and communication, he is a content creator for the social platforms of Fridays For Future Italy, of which he was a spokesperson. In 2019, he was a speaker at TEDx Treviso. Since 2019, he has hosted the Emergenza Climattina podcast to discuss existing solutions He has written for Domani Editoriale and collaborated on the DestinazioneCOP project to report on climate negotiations. He is the host of the daily LifeGate podcast, News dal pianeta Terra. He also performs the comedy-conference show “Le Città Invivibili ” around Italy.

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