EventUninhabitable cities

Uninhabitable cities

A one-hour journey, with humor, to understand how our cities were born, how we have made them unlivable, and how we can put people back at the center. To live better and save the planet. After “Unlivable Cities” you won’t see your city with the same eyes again.


“Uninhabitable Cities” is a semi-serious journey through the origins and developments of cities, with the benefits of completely rethinking the way we live in urban spaces. And above all: the solutions applied to cities, from the most compact to the largest, make them more and more human-friendly and less impactful, thus restoring connections between their inhabitants.


Why The very little time available to tackle the climate crisis requires priorities. The transformation of mobility and urban planning brings incredible advantages and can be implemented in very short periods of time, as demonstrated by all the case studies – some of which are told in the show. The theme of informed participation of citizens is fundamental to the success of these transformations. “Uninhabitable cities” tells the hidden potential of cities in a simple and direct way, increasing awareness of the communities involved.

To whom it is addressed

It is addressed to all citizens, especially to local decision-makers – politicians and non-politicians – who are able to quickly make these changes. The goal is that every person – once they have seen the show – no longer sees the urban spaces they live in every day in the same way and becomes an active part of the transformation towards livable cities. The very light and ironic language allows addressing every type of audience. Even schools (especially middle and high schools) and educational centers are suitable for receiving the message and becoming active.

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