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The project

The theater is composed of 6 containers that have been properly reworked to be assembled together, giving the architecture the ability to always be “plug in” in a short amount of time. By taking advantage of the box structure and the intrinsic strengths of the containers, the theater is always stable, structurally complete, and adaptable to any terrain condition.

The trapezoidal cuts made to the containers to create entrances and exits at the 4 corners were formally studied so as not to affect the overall structural solidity. The surfaces of the interior space are covered with dark curtains, while the flooring and the arena steps will all be covered in Mirage porcelain stoneware.

Externally, the structure has been designed in a pale blue, sky blue color; a pastel shade that aims to blend the small iconic architecture with the color of the sky. The paint used is the result of innovative research that collaborates with the surrounding environment to absorb CO2.
The theme of reuse is also crucial in the choice of containers, which come from recoveries at sea; in fact, they are containers that have fallen from large ships and are reused after being restored and given new life. The theater created in this way will then move from city to city, around the world.

The theater has been designed to be able to respond to three different configurations: the first is connected to dialogue, debate, and storytelling, a sort of inclusive total theater. The second configuration is instead more traditional, like a cinema model, and meets the need to have a reference stage on which to project videos. The last configuration is instead closer to traditional theater, with a stage and a seating area for events in addition to a backstage.

The Concept

More than an installation, “A Theater to Save the Planet” is a project of a traveling narrative space. A small but dense architecture in the form of a storytelling theater; an infrastructure for disseminating stories, messages, and shows that can sensitize all generations to the protection and necessary care of nature, landscapes, and increasingly compromised environments that we live and inhabit every day.

A small storytelling theater that provides content and people who, in different ways, support the project, to make it a lively, active, and operational place of values such as sustainability, solidarity, and responsible innovation.

Created through collaboration between the non-profit organization Save The Planet and the manufacturer of porcelain stoneware surfaces for architecture Mirage, under the technical supervision of architect Andrea Boschetti, A Theater to Save the Planet offers a way to address, in a sincere and emotional way, the urgent need to reverse the course of the climate emergency and the environmental crisis. A place of awareness of the ills that afflict our planet and also produce great social inequality.

The first stop of the journey will be the audience of the Milan Furniture Fair, this year entitled Re-Evolution. A Theater to Save the Planet is our interpretation of the theme; a place suitable for intercepting a creative community that, in terms of design responsibility and sense of craftsmanship, in the near future will have to return to our planet in terms of contribution.

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